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Intro: “57 Seconds.

One: “Maine Sweatshirt” (54 Seconds)

Two: “Lost!” (51 Seconds)

Three: “Two-Fisted Major Leaguers” (56 Seconds)

Ten Shorts that are coming soon…

You’ve seen our Shorts. Now let’s see yours.

Shorts, Page Two: “Bunched-Up Shorts”

The Boss’s Birthday” (60 Seconds)

“Big and Two-Fisted” (59 Seconds)

“Pina What?” (54 Seconds)

“Skunk Heaven” (56 Seconds)

“Everglades Kites and Slime Food” (60 Seconds)

“Whoa. That looks familiar.” (59 Seconds)

“Emu.” (30 Seconds)

Shorts From Readers…

“Tootgarook” – An activist video link from Australia

“A theme emerges?” (45 Seconds) By Marc D.

“The Blue Cardinal.” (60 Seconds) By Mark Morgan

My Kestrel experience. And a link.” (50 Seconds) By Michele Keane-Moore

“Something Big.” (50 Seconds) By Shelton Harlow

Northern Bobwhite Moves In.” (50 Seconds)

“Hearings.” By Tara

“Beatles: Bird Food For Thought” (58 Seconds) By “Mr. Peterson”

“We Clever Chicks…” (42 Seconds) By Pandy

“Okefenokee Dawn” (60 Seconds, or so) By John Shauger

“Bird Dinner…” (45 Seconds) By John Shauger

“On Grump’s Gripe” (A short poem) by Abe Zion

“I would have saved the dove.” (60 Seconds) By Melinda Weiner

“Two-Clawed Man-Watchers.” (50 Seconds) By John Shauger

“Two of your ‘Didn’t Sees”’ (W. Tanager & Flicker photos by A. Zion)

Daily Sightings: A Two-Fisted Blog

Join us as we report on what we see and think, just about every day.


Pine Marten 

Cowboys and Birdwatchers Part Two

Cowboys and Birdwatchers Part One

Hawks and Dogs

Rare Birds

From “Great Pretenders.” A 2nd Excerpt


Suckin’ Sap


Excerpt from the novel “Great Pretenders”

The Ferruginous Hawk

Toad Guy

The Bird Detective

Intro: I’m searching for a falcon…a “Maltese Falcon.”

The Case of the Naked Jaybird

The Case of the Flying Scream.

A Knock-Knock Mystery

One Hard, One Not: A “Curry Club” Case

Pillow Fight on the 40th Floor

Bye Bye Blackbird

Mystery in the Sonoran Desert

The Boy Detective


Bird Points and Ice-Age Basketball

Bottom Line

Our Two-Fisted Name

Hot and Bothered

A Bird Watcher in Ireland

Ospreys, Red Light, Green Light.

Two-fisted Birdwatching and Science Fiction

Ornithological Memory.

A Bird Watcher’s Field Guide To The Mosquitoes

Our First Two-Fisted Birdwatcher.

Boondoggle Bird-watching.

Laughing Moose.

Anachronisms and Woodpeckers

Pigeons, Gulls and Dumb Luck

Something Interesting: Guaranteed

Baseball and Sudden Death

Three Guys

Bugs and Birds

Banjos, Birds and Janis

No Rules

Birds and More

Birds and Books

Finding a Scarlet Tanager

Guest Essays

Ducks Ain’t Birds, By Bob Grump

Antiphon. By Nath Jones

Stopover. By Nath Jones

Bread Birds

 Why I bird

About your damn cowboy story. A complaint.

Ain’t Litter. It’s Raccoon Food.

Fish or Fowl

Pecker or Picker

An Unusual Tern of Events

Let’s Change Stupid Bird Names.

Southern Illinois Strikes Again

Deadly Salt

Birds of Literature.

From the “Secret History of Birds.”

Jailbird Seeks Salvation Through Birding

What the hell is a hectare?

Crows Await Second Coming

Heavy-Duty Ornithology

Getting Serious

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