Welcome Home!

two-fist·ed – (‘tü-‘fis-təd) Adjective: marked by vigorous often virile energy. As in two-fisted journalism.

You hold a pair of binoculars, one hand wrapped around each side. Your fingers are curled like fists, and they come together making a strong symbolic statement. You’re a two-fisted bird watcher, and this is your internet home.

Birders were once portrayed as ladies in tweed and guys who looked like bookish nerds. But tough men and women are birding and they’re not tweedy or nerdy.

They stalk wild animals: Spring migrants that were in a South American jungle a month ago. Or winter visitors that crossed the Canadian tundra to get here.

Bears and moose are cool, and you see a few. But birds come in wild varieties, and spotting them is a physical and mental challenge, a two-fisted sport.

You just can’t hold a pair of binoculars to your eyes without putting up your dukes. The two-fisted bird watcher is here. A website for you, about you and with you.

Is it an online magazine? A birding site? A blog? 

Two-Fisted Birdwatcher is all those things. Like an online magazine it has articles, short and long. There’s fun fiction in Stories. There are essays and adventures in Viewpoints. Some have appeared in national magazines; some are new. You’ll confront mystery birds in The Bird Detective. And you’ll learn about books you might like in our Two-Fisted Library. Like a birding site, Two-Fisted Birdwatcher has photos, heavy-duty ornithology and useful tips and links. And like a blog it has posts reporting on “Daily Sightings.” So pop open a beer and click away. Have fun.

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