When it started in 2009, Two-Fisted Bird Watcher was a two-way street. As a “blog” rather than an online magazine, it offered readers a chance to share opinions, relate experiences, engage others in conversation, whatever.

For years, there was an active “Comment” option below the posts. You can still see some of the comments we received as you scroll through older posts. However, our online magazine took a bit of a hiatus, and during that time the option to leave a comment wasn’t available.

But in late 2023, the hiatus ended…

…and we’re back at it. Observing, writing, sharing.  The “comment” option has been activated in case you’d like to use it after reading one of our posts. It’s nice being a two-way street again.

Beyond that, we’ve added a “sign up” button, and if you want to click it, you’ll be taken to a page that offers you a chance to be on our email list, which means we’ll send you a brief notice whenever a new post appears on Two-Fisted Bird Watcher.

We hope you’ll avail yourself of the writing that exists on our pages, past and present. It’s there for you to enjoy. And, once again, we’d welcome hearing from you. Thanks, as always, for your interest in Two-Fisted Bird Watcher.