Audible twist.

Stereotype breaking took an audible twist today.

We already know that the whole point of this website is to break the stereotype that bird watchers are dweeby.

They’re wildlife explorers of all kinds and can’t be pigeon holed. This is made clear on our home page, and in the short essay about our name.

But back to the audible twist.

A guy you met today, no dweeb, says, “Damnit, I’m not seeing the birds I’m hearing!”

He chugs the rest of his beer, crushes the can like a paper cup, then goes on.

“I heard a Black-capped Chickadee, Cardinal, Northern Oriole, Hermit Thrush…”

And he names some others.

Then says, “I didn’t have binoculars, wasn’t near feeders, and the trees are too thick. All I could do was hear ‘em.”

It was a complaint. But you took it as a testament to this guy’s ears and his knowledge of birdcalls.

You think to yourself, hey, a new twist in stereotype breaking: the Two-Fisted Bird Listener.

4 Responses to “Audible twist.”

  1. Peg says:

    I love birding by ear! I can hear a lot better than I can see. Also, the little bastards that like to hide among the leaves at the very tops of the trees “show” themselves to me when they sing or call. I’m much more likely to hear a Scarlet Tanager than I am to see him.

  2. Rachel says:

    Birding by ear is a lot more challenging than birding by sight! Great read!

  3. norm schaefer says:

    Mike- great little read!

  4. Lee Dager says:

    This is probably the most challenging part of this sport for me and also the most rewarding when I get one right. I ain’t real good yet but I’m getting better!