Getting Serious

Two Fisted Bird Watcher is entertainment, an online journal with a bit of humor, grit, skin and attitude.


It’s got stories, book recommendations, even a bit of two-fisted philosophy. The kind of things you don’t normally get from a birding site.

But what if you want to get serious? What if you want some heavy-duty birding information? Where do you go for that? Right here, buddy. Check out our Tips and Links page! Even before that, start by clicking on this site to see what we mean: Now that’s “getting serious.” And it has its own links.


Our Tips & Links page can also connect to the coolest two-fisted birding sites in the world. Want to watch a live bird cam in real time broadcasting from the Amazon, the Pacific Northwest or some bird techie’s backyard?


Want a list of recent rare bird sightings. Or Audubon‘s suggestions about hot birding spots in your state, country, hemisphere, the world?

How would you like to link to birding blogs, online magazines and print journals that DON’T have the two-fisted bushwhacker approach you get here? No problem; we understand.

Maybe you want news and data, breeding maps, research from the Cornell School of Ornithology, serious wildlife photography.

imagesOkay, we’ll take you there.

Just click on our Tips and Links page. Thanks to Google, and especially to Hougthon Mifflin and Peterson Guides (they’ve done their homework), you can go anywhere for any kind of birding and ornithological information.

One link leads to another, leading to another, and another, until suddenly you’ve got an infinitely branching tree of information to explore.


And it all started innocently, with you reading our story about a guy getting stopped for speeding and using the pileated woodpecker defense, or a titillating little story called Tits, or about Gleason getting one-upped by Norton on the Honeymooners TV show.


But when you want to get serious, we get it. The knowledge of the world wide web is within your two fists. And a click.

5 Responses to “Getting Serious”

  1. Gaybirdy says:

    the red-belly woodpeckers are picky about seeds, they pick through them and what they don’t want, they throw on the ground. The doves are always there to get them. I rake up the mess and put them in the flower beds for mulch.

  2. Scottie says:

    I stumbled on to your blog about 4 hours ago. It’s 1:00am and I quit for now, but I’LL BE BACK! So happy to have found you. S

  3. Jerry R Plyler says:

    I have several bird feeders and when I fill the feeders, birds will scatter the seed on the ground rather than eating. I use black waxed Sunflower seeds.
    Anybody have ideas about how to stop this?

  4. Randy Hively says:

    About The Lost Iguana Resort in Costa Rica… The resort is in the rain forest. Each morning the resort restaurant places fresh fruit out for the birds, and diners are entertained. Great for watching and photography.

  5. Erica says:

    Erica wrote:
    Have you guys checked out eBird? You can see what birders are reporting and keep track of all the birds you have seen and where & see how what you see compares with what others are reporting. Scientists also use the data to analyze changes in species distributions and migrations.
    You might also like the phone app that uses eBird data to find the latest bird sightings.

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