The only bird in the quiet woods was a Great Crested Flycatcher. It’s not unusual, normally. But normal isn’t always normal any more.

You hadn’t seen one for a while and it triggered the thought of a Ferruginous Hawk. Why? It didn’t look anything like a hawk. But there was a link somewhere in your mind.

You think of a story written years ago, buried now in the “Stories” section of this website. “The Ferruginous Hawk.”

The link between this story and the sighting of a single flycatcher in an empty woodland is there, maybe—but you’d have to read the story again to know for sure.

And you could do that. Because of a link. You could click the last word in this post, and be taken there.

It’s just a piece of short fiction, written for the hell of it. But some stories get under your skin. They surprise you by coming to the surface when you don’t expect it.

Like when you see a lone Great Crested Flycatcher. A bird that’s no Ferruginous Hawk. But still, there’s a link.

4 Responses to “Link.”

  1. g bird says:

    There are no birds of any kind on Guam, not 1, Snakes have eaten all the eggs from the nests till there were no more. They pay kids $1 each to catch them. I can’t imagine a world without birds.

  2. L. Mason says:

    Wow !!!
    “Now for something completely different” as they would say on Monte Python!

    You have had a few “daily sightings” about birds disappearing. I share your sadness but also with anger.

    Any time my Mom and I are talking about birds we inevitably pull out these great old books from the 30’s-60’s and lament how many species are gone.
    Ironic how far “progress” has set us back as a species.

  3. Chris Callahan says:

    Nicely done. Really enjoy your stuff…

  4. Paula says:

    Very. Cool. Ray Bradbury fan?