My loss.

Last Saturday, I wanted to go for a hike in the woods, but didn’t. It was a good day for it. I guess I’d have seen some birds.

Maybe I’d have seen a Catbird that sounds like a cat. I always wonder why this gray bird’s got an orange butt.

I figure it’s the same reason that a chimp’s got a pink butt. Sex. This is unscientific. But thinking about sex doesn’t have to be scientific; it just happens.

In any case, I didn’t go for a hike. I had reason not to. There was a mid-day NBA playoff game on TV.

While watching the game, I thought about the birds I didn’t see by not going for a hike.

I didn’t see the three or four kinds of woodpeckers I might’ve seen. Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied, Red-headed.

Maybe a Northern Flicker. That would’ve made five that I didn’t see.

I didn’t see the Catbird with its orange butt, as already mentioned. Or the Eastern Bluebirds that are predictable in the field near the woods where I hike.

I didn’t see the Bank Swallows that are showing up. No Eastern Kingbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds.

As long as I’m listing birds I didn’t see, hell, there’s latitude. We’re talking DIDN’T.

So, it’s true to say that I didn’t see a Golden Eagle, or a rare Illinois Anhinga. But why push it.

More realistic to say that I didn’t see a Pileated Woodpecker. This could’ve happened. I’ve seen one in these woods.

I didn’t see a Scarlet Tanager that came home early. For that matter, I didn’t see a Western Tanager that doesn’t live around here.

If a Western Tanager had gotten lost on the wind, and showed up in my woods, I wouldn’t have seen it.

Instead, I saw the basketball game.

As I watched my team suck big time, I thought of the Western Tanager that could’ve strayed off course.

It would have been a rare thing. Not seeing it was my loss. My team’s performance on the court that Saturday was their loss.

A bad day for basketball playoffs and bird watching.

4 Responses to “My loss.”

  1. Terry says:

    I am at work, sitting in my little cubicle reading your blog and laughing out loud, seriously “out loud” all by myself. I know my neighbors can hear me and they are starting to drop by to ask – what is so funny?

    You would have to be a birder to understand.

  2. Two-Fisted Bird Watcher says:

    Regarding the first comment from Abe Zion…

    Thanks for the photos. They’re on the site in our “shorts from readers” section. (Bottom of the page). Nice work. TFBW

  3. Benjamin D. says:

    Thanks for all the birds whether you saw them or no. “Bird porn,” we call it, when you list many many names like that and it’s fun to read them. Plays right into our fantasies. BTW, can’t blame you for staying in and watching the playoff. You say all in all it was a bad day for basketball playoffs and bird watching. Is there really such a thing?

  4. Abraham Zion says:

    Two of your “didn’t sees” that I saw instead of watching Larry Byrd’s friends.
    (Photos of W. Tanager…and N. Flicker attached)