“One shot”

Today’s guest essay is a departure from the recent one by Bob Grump. It comes to us from a different “Bob,” a “Dr. Bob,” and as much as we enjoy the attitude and yucks from “Bob Grump’s” occasional contributions, we appreciate the chance to switch gears and enjoy the serious tone, honest excitement and spontaneous photography that Dr. Bob has sent our way. 


“One Shot”

By Dr. Bob

After waking up in the morning, I usually stay in bed checking my phone for half an hour, but suddenly today for the first time, I felt the need to go downstairs because I thought…just maybe, I could get a photo of the elusive female cardinal. Her mate  poses for me frequently, but she seems to remain in the background, elusive.

As I entered my sunroom where I have my camera aimed at our birdfeeders with 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground, I was hoping to get that female in my viewfinder. For some reason, I raced downstairs much earlier than usual, not doing my morning stretches…strangely I felt I was to have a special meeting with “Lady Cardinal” early this morning.

But I was disappointed… no birds at the feeders, no birds on the ground. Then suddenly Ms. Cardinal flies to my suet feeder and perches on the top. The only bird out this morning! I figured she would disappear before I got my camera set up. She stayed, I think, posing for the shoot. Perfectly still on top of my feeder. It took me a minute to focus, and I just presumed she would fly away before I could press the shutter. She didn’t. I got only one shot, but it was good. I think she knew it, and she left.

You can’t convince me that we were unaware of each other. Why did I wake up early? Why did I leave my warm bed on a sunny cold morning with 2 inches of fresh snow? I never do this. Why did I feel that today I could get the shot of this lady Cardinal that has been elusive?

I ran downstairs, set the camera, waited only one minute. No birds around. Suddenly she appeared, 10 feet from my camera. Knowing the photo shoot was done, she left for better things to do. I left to eat breakfast. One shot. You can’t convince me she wasn’t posing and knew that I would comply.

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