“Ordinary Day.”

Summer starts with Memorial day and ends with Labor Day. in between there’s Independence Day. The calendar is full of such “Days.” Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, St. Pat’s Day, MLK Day. To say nothing of various religious “Days.” And Thanksgiving, a 4-day forced march.

But there’s a better holiday to celebrate: “Ordinary Day.”

It outshines all others because, like a true friend, Ordinary Day asks nothing of you but that you be yourself. No obligations, no expectations. And you can observe it whenever you like.

Wake when you always wake. Banter with loved ones in the ordinary way. If you grumble about going to work, fine, grumble. Put on the same ordinary clothes and take the ordinary commute.

“Ordinary. Cool.”

Glance with ordinary interest at an ordinary sparrow doing its ordinary hop. For lunch, grab the usual in the usual joint. For dinner, maybe hit the neighborhood restaurant where the usual server predicts your order.

At home, walk the dog on the same old path. Watch the same TV shows from the same spot on the couch. Later, fall into bed at the same time and get sleepy reading the same kind of book.

On days when things are NOT ordinary, you’ll enjoy knowing that at least you have your own special holiday. Say to yourself, your family—and anyone else who shares this knowledge: “Happy Ordinary Day! And many more.”


The above appeared in slightly different form in the paperback, “SEVENTY-SEVEN COLUMNS,” a collection of published newspaper pieces by one of our writers. Published by Birdwatcher Books Copyright © 2017.

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