Rare birds.

Saturday April 27. Dateline: the couch. There’s a sprained back in the picture, but you’re too busy to care about it.

Because you’re doing two kinds of bird watching.

One: you’re looking out the window. There’s been floodwater out there recently, so you’re seeing an uncommon Caspian Tern circling. He’s lost or nuts. You’re not on the Caspian Sea.

Two: you’re watching a rare bird named Robinson make history in the Bulls playoff against the Nets.

This guy is a five-nine, one-man show in a world of giants. He’s turning the tide in a game that was going downhill. It takes Robinson and his two-fisted teammates three overtimes to win, but they do, with historic stats.

Nate Robinson proves that little is big. Impossible is possible. Man can fly.

But what about the Caspian Tern? You saw it through your window, a sighting appreciated in Illinois. But it wasn’t the rarest of the day. Not with Nate Robin…son making a kind of rare bird life-list this season.

Search Caspian Terns on the net for your birdwatching fix. Then search Nate Robinson’s game-four performance in the Bulls-Nets playoff game for your two-fisted fix.


6 Responses to “Rare birds.”

  1. Peg says:

    Sorry about the back, dude. Get better soon –the warblers are coming! You don’t have time for that couch #@*t. Btw, the Celts extended their season, and Pierce’s & Garnett’s careers, by one more game.

  2. Jan says:

    Sorry about your back but glad you got to see both the Tern and the Robin! Even I, who never watches sports, enjoyed those few minutes prior to the overtimes!!

  3. rob l says:

    sorry about your back and glad that it doesn’t slow your birdwatching down one bit. Keep up the one man show.

  4. dina says:

    hope u have some one to help with ur back. 20 minute hot then 20 cold compress & knees up helps me.
    i enjoy your page & wish i could write as pleasant to read as you do & learn something… that has been on my desire list all my life. big fan here thx

  5. Marc Davis says:

    The Caspian Tern — an undocumented bird from a foreign country. Another persuasive argument for immigration reform.