A moody poet. Not a two-fisted subject.

Edgar Allan Poe

A hard-hitting NFL team—beer, blood, touchdowns, tailgating, cheerleaders. That’s a two-fisted subject.

There’s a connection. Just wait.

But, why would someone who’s interested in birds care?

Okay: A while back the Cleveland Browns left Cleveland, pissing off their fans, and moving to Baltimore.

The team got a new name.

It was inspired by a long-dead, long-haired poet. Edgar Allan Poe, a Baltimore boy. His famous poem is “The Raven.

Baltimore named their team: The Ravens.

They’ve been fun to watch from the start. They even won a Super Bowl in January, 2001, defeating the Giants 34 to 7. And they’re off to a great start this season.

The Ravens are a ravenous, bone-crunching, smart and fast team. Two-fisted birdwatchers like it.

Poetry, football and birds. Three very different things, all meeting on the same playing field. What a kick.


8 Responses to “Ravens.”

  1. Gaybirdy says:

    I wonder if Mr. Schaefer is enjoying eating his words of Oct 18th, is he gnashing his teeth and eating a lot of crow. Are Crows relared to Ravens. Good luck next your on your bets.

  2. Gaybirdy says:

    I’d say in Baltimore yesterday it was Ravens lotta’ more! And the wild rumpus began! I’ll bet Mr. Poe turned over in his grave and said “Who Cares “

  3. norm schaefer says:

    MORE TRULY WORTHLESS FACTS: The Ravens, a blues group of the 50’s, had a cover to Buddy Holly’s ‘That’ll Be the Day’. It sold very well.

  4. norm schaefer says:

    NOT a Raven fan (the football team. Ray Lewis is gone this season with an injury, so forget a Super Bowl Run,) Young Ravens are known to steal and cache shiny objects such as pebbles, pieces of metal, and golf balls. One theory is that they hoard shiny objects to impress other ravens. Apparently thay lose interest in larceny as they mature.
    Which leads me to a literary note. L.Frank Baum, in his second book on Oz
    (‘THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ’) has a bird called a Jackdaw that hordes shiny objects. No doubt he was using the Raven as his model.

  5. Bill R says:

    Thanks! As a life long Baltimore resident and devoted Ravens fan..Thank You!
    Our wings were clipped a little by injury last week, but still none the less, we shall lose nevermore…

  6. Peg Callihan says:

    Thanks. If I ever have a pet raven, he shall be called Ray.

  7. Rob L. says:

    Would be even more of a kick if they were called the Baltimore Annabel Lee’s, but the downside is you wouldn’t have a post. And what a post it is.

  8. Marc says:

    Quoth the Raven: Nevermore.