There’s no “webinar” in the woods

In fact this tech-age portmanteau is just the kind of word that makes you want to lose yourself in wilderness.

You’ve also had it with “Zoom.” Zoom is what a Cooper’s Hawk does when it bursts out of hiding.

There’s no spam in the woods. And no chargers. Unless you glimpse a coyote and know from its healthy coat that it’s done plenty of charging.

There’s no Bluetooth in the woods, but you’ve got blue jays.

The woods are where you go to get away from digital bullshit. You don’t have to update a tree.

No need to recharge that Rose-breasted Grossbeak—he’s the one who’s recharging you.

When you’re tired of texting and the shorthand of its tiny language you gotta get away.

Go where you can stand in a forest and have no way to tell if it’s now or a hundred years ago. Or a thousand.

A place outside of time where phishing is just a misspelled word. Webinar that!

2 Responses to “There’s no “webinar” in the woods”

  1. rickey ex greenberg says:

    A fun diatribe on technology. Granted, being in nature trumps all the digital goggleygook.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks to a name change, the only tweeting you’ll find, however, is in the woods

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