A Seasonal Moment

After a long winter’s hike, you’re nursing a beer in your favorite restaurant bar. You’d been out all morning looking for a Snowy Owl, but didn’t see one.

You’re no stranger to this bar, or this beer. Both are old friends. But there’s something different today. The place feels nicer. Why is that?

You gotta think about it. But first, you gotta hit the men’s room.

There’s a big guy in there who got stuck watching his kid while his wife shops in the neighborhood. He’s changing the kid’s diaper on the sink.

The atmosphere’s worse than usual in the men’s room. Plus, you can’t get at the sink.

It’s a deciding moment.

You’re pissed off because you didn’t see the Snowy Owl that many people have been talking about on the internet. Now this.

You want to give the guy a dirty look in the mirror, and say something like “cheeez!” Then leave, and slam the door.

Something stops you. Instead, you say, “Ah, the joys of fatherhood.”

You smile at the guy as he struggles. He looks up and says, “Tell me about it.” And smiles back. Now you both feel good instead of bad.

Back at the bar, it hits you. Why the place feels nicer.

It’s the lights. This restaurant bar is lit up with little holiday lights. They’re strung across the ceiling, over the bottles, around doorways.

You hate to say it—it’s not a two-fisted comment—but they’re kind of pretty. They give the place a…glow

Normally, you don’t care about things in a bar being pretty. Except for tall, blond Donna who sometimes sits with you.

No, you don’t care that they’re pretty. But you gotta wonder, why don’t they have these little lights all year ‘round?

13 Responses to “A Seasonal Moment”

  1. Happy holidays to all birders and bird watchers. Bless the miraculous nature of birds. May they prosper despite industrialization of their habitat.

  2. Scottie Millet says:

    The best Gift for me is that there exists a place like Birdwatcher and watchers to post to it. Happy days to all and to All a good night

  3. Two-Fisted Bird Watcher says:

    All comments on this post are appreciated, the original batch from two years ago, and the ones from today’s re-run. Marc defies the passage of time, his sentiments remaining unchanged (although tall blond Donna is tall brunette Donna these days)….Avi brightens things up with his cheerful lights….And the observation from Dennis is especially perceptive, worth reading twice to appreciate the intelligence in it. These comments are a seasonal gift in their own way. Thanks guys.

  4. Dennis says:

    The lights and the snowy owls have something in common. If The holiday lights were here all the time, we wouldn’t notice them.
    How many house sparrows did you count today?

  5. Avi Vaidya says:

    There is indeed something about those lights — I am neither Christian nor Jewish but we do put those lights around the house because those tiny lights spread good cheer!

    Happy Holidays!!

  6. Marc says:

    As I said two years ago on this day: Best holiday wishes to all TFBWs, to the host himself, his family, and tall blond Donna, avis rara.

  7. Harlene Watson says:

    The snowy owl that took up residency at the Kalamazoo Airport in MI has passed away – starvation seems to be the cause. All of us in the area will miss this wonderful bird. A picture and an article of the owl is in the Thursday, Jan. 12 edition of the Kalamazoo Gazette.

  8. Steven Valleau says:

    The man in the bar is me. Still want to see that owl. Merry Christmas. And Thanks

  9. Eveleen c. says:

    There’s nothing as dazzling as a tfbw. The extra lights just bring out the sparkle.

  10. Jason Olmsted says:

    Well Hell, we can all enjoy the holiday decor. Especially in a comfortable bar. Seasons Greetings to TFBW and all other outdoor people, whether twofisted or not.

  11. Marc D. says:

    Best holiday wishes to all TFBWs, to the host himself, his family, and tall blond Donna, avis rara.

  12. Rob l says:

    Happy holidays to tfbw and tall blond Donna!

  13. Ellie M. says:

    Oh, you really are a romantic in spite of what you say! Knew it all along. This brought a tear to my eye. Happy Holiday!!!