Free Whim.

Saw a story about a man on 9/11 who was told to go back to work in the tower that hadn’t yet been hit.

He got on the elevator, but before the doors closed he jumped back out and left the building. He resisted authority.

If you like resisting authority, you might be drawn to birds. They symbolize free will. This is covered in our Viewpoints section. Check out “No Rules.” Don’t worry; it’s short.

Meanwhile, the thought occurred again, when I noticed birds on this unnaturally warm February Sunday.

Canada Geese walking around like they own the place. And odd ducks. (Odd, because it’s winter in Chicago. But these guys do what they please).

Also, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Hairy, Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, none standing still. An American Kestrel, a Red-tail, American Goldfinches.

"I'm out of here..."

All are studies in disobedience.

If you told an American Kestrel to get on an elevator and go to work, he’d zip past and drop something on your shoulder.

Birds fly. They’re creatures of whim.

Free whim. The cousin of free will.

They’re the ultimate in civil disobedience. I think that’s why I got interested as a kid, looking out the window of a confining schoolroom, envying street birds because they could take off.

Yeah, you don’t have to be a bird nut to admire birds. You can simply be someone who likes to spit in the eye of authority.

And who recognizes a kindred spirit.

7 Responses to “Free Whim.”

  1. John Johnston says:

    Eagle vs Paraglider on youtube. An eagle gets himself tangled in the lines of a Russian’s paraglider. The wing collapses and the pilot has to deploy his reserve chute. One of his complaints was that these birds ignored the rules. Rules? RULES? Whose rules? I still laugh when I watch this video. Look it up if you need a good laugh.

  2. norm schaefer says:

    The hawk in this pic looks like the one I saw in a field (very close to the road). He eyeballed when I slowed down to get a better gander ( no pun intended). I think this guy, or gal, was dining on a field mouse. but I can’t be sure.
    You are correct. Canadian geese are a cantakerous lot. They have taken over a small body of water in back of my oldest daughter’s house. I could shoot off a cannon and they would be back in 5 minutes.

  3. Georgy says:

    Sunday I was headed into the grocery – heard a lot of noise – looked up to see several large black birds – (Haven’t, yet figured out the difference between Crow and Raven . . sorry) – still, they were tormenting a rather large hawk. hawk was flying really low – trying to get out of their way . . it was so cool to watch. Birds making so much noise – as if they were name calling . . . seemed no other human was impressed . . sometimes, just knowing you’re out there somewhere, makes me feel like I have company in the world. THANKS!

  4. Marc D. says:

    Adam and Eve were the first rebels against authority, defying the Deity with their disobedience. If only they had been obedient creatures, we’d all still dwell in Paradise.

  5. Kim S. says:

    Thanks for adding one more reason for me to love birds!

  6. Peg says:

    Secretly, – or not so secretly – humans all wish that they, like the birds, could fly. The ultimate freedom.

  7. Ron Heard says:

    FREE WHIM! I like that! Thanks for adding to my day!

    Colorado Springs