Lucky with a camera.

People say there’s a dinosaur in the Congo. Mokele-mbembe.

Trouble is, sightings are by guys who don’t have cameras. Or who aren’t lucky with them.

I thought about this when I heard about shots of a Snowy Owl battling a Peregrine Falcon near Chicago’s lakefront. Taken by a guy who had luck with his camera.


They appeared on a popular birding website, and made the site even more popular overnight by going viral.

Take a look, and read the guy’s story, if you’re interested.

My sons used to ask me: who’d win in a fight, crocodile or shark, grizzly or lion, boxer or Ninja. Good, solid two-fisted questions.

To this list, we can add the falcon and the owl. Both have talons and speed.

Lucky for us there was a guy with talent and speed who captured the action.

Too bad he hadn’t been in the Congo when mokele-mbembe kept showing up.

At least we’ve got his pictures on North American Birding. And besides, as we know, birds are dinosaurs.

2 Responses to “Lucky with a camera.”

  1. Two-Fisted Bird Watcher says:

    Benjamin. Thanks for your comment. Nice to get one from far-off London. We have a bunch of readers from Australia. Some from England, too. And we’re glad of it. You guys have a pretty good birding website there–Fatbirder–do you know it? Also, if I’m not mistaken you also have Snowy Owls and Peregrine Falcons, so those Chicago birds were sort of familiar. Thanks again.

    Mike at TFBW

  2. Benjamin says:

    Dear Mike at Twofisted Birdwatcher, not only to you give out interesting information and IDEAS on your own blog but then you even give out OTHER interesting places to get interesting info, in this case, photos that are amazing. And THANK YOU for suggesting it.
    Benjamin – London